Dr. Behnam Rostami – Three Easy Camping Tricks

For Dr. Behnam Rostami, camping is more than active relaxation. It is also a time to reconnect with Mother Nature, to find personal answers that cannot be easily found when a noisy city surrounds us. Being able to enjoy everything the scenery has to offer without any inconveniences often comes down to some simple practical tricks — use them to make camping an enjoyable experience.

1. Using a Clothesline with Bread Bag Clips

Bread clips are little devices that help you keep a plastic bag closed. Not many people know this but they can also help you pin clothes to your clothesline, acting as makeshift clothespins.

2. Ditch the Bag of Ice, Use Frozen Water Bottles Instead

Once it has melted, a bag of ice is pretty much useless, at least until you get home and refreeze it. When you use frozen water bottles though, you will have nice cold drinking water when the bottles inevitably melt. Having enough clean water is one of the most important safety measures you need to take before embarking on a camping trip.

3. Make Sure That Your Guyline Is Visible

The guyline is a rope or cable that is used to pitch your tarp. It is essential for the tent, but you want to make sure you and your friends don’t trip over it during after dark. You can avoid this pretty easily, by simply wrapping some tinfoil around it.

Dr. Behnam Rostami loves camping, especially when he explores places he’s never been to before.