Dr. Behnam Rostami – 3D Printing in the Dental Industry

Dr. Behnam Rostami is an experienced dental professional and a Doctor of Dental Surgery. Despite the fact that Dr. Behnam Rostami started his practice more than 30 years ago, he likes to follow the industry’s new innovations, including the implementation of 3D Printing technologies.

3D Printing in General
Despite their recent commercial success, 3D Printing technologies are actually quite old. The equipment and the materials were already available during the early 1980’s. The reasons why it took several decades for these machines to become commonplace are inefficiency, high cost, and a general lack of vision on the manufacturers’ part, all of which had plagued early devices. A mere four years ago, in 2012, these machines were still only used by hobbyists, and it took another two years until people realized that the methods can be used for practical applications.

The Future of Orthodontics
By now, most segments of society have embraced 3D Printers, including the domestic and medical sphere. Orthodontics technologies are being developed at the moment, offering some very promising results. Specialized dental printing is the main direction, and it would allow dentists to create a highly accurate line of dental appliances, including crowns and bridges.

Potential Benefits
Orthodontic appliances could be placed with surgical precision. Human bodies are anatomically unique, and while it is possible to create a very accurate appliance, with 3D printing these pieces of equipment would act more like the last, perfectly fitting piece of the puzzle.

As a big believer in the future of 3D Printed Orthodontic appliances, Dr. Behnam Rostami hopes that the revolution is close, and that everybody will appreciate it.